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Common Behavioral Health Acronyms

Have you ever been in a meeting where people are talking and you have no idea what they are saying? Could be they are talking in “Acronyms.” According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word Acronym is “an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word.”

When you are trying to get mental health help it is confusing enough without trying to also figure out the acronyms too!  So here is a handy tool with common behavioral health acronyms.

The original version of this list was created by the Arizona Peer and Family Coalition for their Leadership Development Course. Will will update this as we discover new acronyms.  If you know of one we do not have please let us know!

A&AAAging and Adult Administration
AAAlcoholics Anonymous
AAAArea Agency on Aging / Arizona Agency on Aging
AACArizona Administrative Code
AARArizona Administrative Register
ABDAged, Blind or Disabled
ABIAcquired Brain Injury
ABILArizona Bridge to Independent Living (Now called Ability360)
ACAAffordable Care Act (Also known as "Obamacare")
ACEAHCCCS Customer Eligibility: A computer system that determines eligibility for ALTCS, SSI MAO, KidsCare and other AHCCCS programs.
ACHAutomated Clearing House
ACIAArizona Commission on Indian Affairs
ACNApplication Control Number
ACOAccountable Care Organization
ACOIHCAdvisory Council on Indian Health Care
ACOMAHCCCS Contractors Operation Manual
ACTAssertive Community Treatment
ACTSAutomated Change Tracking System
ACWAttendant Care Worker
ACYFAdministration for Children, Youth, and Families
ADAdvanced Directives
ADAAmericans with Disabilities Act
ADADAlcohol and Drug Abuse Division (DHS)
ADCAdult Day Care
ADDAttention Deficit Disorder
ADESArizona Department of Economic Security
ADHDAttention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder
ADHSArizona Department of Health Services
ADHS/DBHSArizona Department of Health Services, Division of Behavioral Health Services (See also: DBHS)
ADJCArizona Department of Juvenile Corrections
ADLActivities of Daily Living
ADOCArizona Department of Corrections
ADOEArizona Department of Education
ADTAdult Day Treatment
AECAnnual Enrollment Choice
AEICAdvance Earned Income Credit
AFRefugee Cash Assistance (RCA) related Medical Assistance
AFCAdult Foster Care
AFDCAid to Families with Dependent Children
AGAttorney General
AGOArizona Governor’s Office
AGSIAdvisory Group on Senior Issues
AHCCCSArizona Health Care Cost Containment System
AHCCCSAArizona Health Care Cost Containment System Administration
AHIAHCCCS Health Insurance
AIAmerican Indian
AIDSAcquired immunodeficiency syndrome
AI/AN or AIANAmerican Indian/Alaskan Native
AIHPAmerican Indian Health Program
AIRAll-Inclusive Rate (also called OMB Rate)
AKAAlso Known As
ALAssisted Living
ALDAssisted Listening Device
ALOSAverage Length of Stay
ALTCSArizona Long Term Care System
AMADCAutomated Medical Assessment Date Capture
AMBAHCCCS Medical Benefits
AMHDAdult Mental Health Division (DHS)
AMHIAdult Mental Health Initiative
AMPMAHCCCS Medical Policy Manual
ANAlaska Native
AOCAdministrative Office of the Courts of the Arizona Supreme Court
AODAlcohol and Other Drugs
APAssistance Payments
APAAmerican Psychiatric Association
APDAdvanced Psychiatric Directive
APISAssistance Payment Information System
APOAdult Probation Officer
APRCArizona Prevention Resource Center
APSAdult Protection Services
APTCAdvanced Premium Tax Credit
ARHQAgency for Research and Healthcare Quality
ARMHSAdult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services
ARMSArizona Random Moment Sampling
ARRAAmerican Recovery and Reinvestment Act
ARSArizona Revised Statutes
ARTAdult Recovery Team
ASFAAdoption and Safe Family Act
ASH (or AzSH)Arizona State Hospital
ASRAppropriations Status Report
ATODAlcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs
AZCAArizona’s Children Association
AzEIPArizona Early Intervention Program
AZTECSArizona Technical Eligibility Computer System
B&LBoard and Lodging
BAABusiness Associates Addendum, OR Business Associates Agreement
BBABalanced Budget Act of 1997
BCCTPBreast and Cervical Canter Treatment Program
BDBehavioral Disorder
BEERBeneficiary Earning Exchange Record
BENDEXBeneficiary and Earnings Data Exchange
BHBehavioral Health
BHCBehavioral Health Coalition
BHHBehavioral Health Home
BHISBehavioral Health Information System
BHMPBehavioral Health Medical Professional
BHPBehavioral Health Professional
BHPPBehavioral Health Paraprofessional
BHSBehavioral Health Services
BHTBehavioral Health Technician
BIBrain Injury
BIA(U.S.) Bureau of Indian Affairs
BIA/GA(U.S.) Bureau of Indian Affairs, General Assistance
BICBeneficiary Identification Code
BIPBehavioral Intervention Plan
BLSSBasic Living and Social Skills
BMS(AHCCCS) Bureau of Member Services
BOE(AHCCCS) Bureau of Eligibility
BPDBorderline Personality Disorder
BRBy Report
BWBase Wage
CA(TANF) Cash Assistance
CACocaine Anonymous
CABConsumer Advisory Board
CACCertified Alcohol Counselor
CACCommunity Alternative Care
CADICommunity Alternatives for Disabled Individuals
CAFASChild and Adolescent Functioning Assessment Score
CAHCritical Access Hospital
CAMHAComprehensive Adult Mental Health Act
CANClaim Account Number
CARFCommission for Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities
CASACourt Appointed Special Advocate
CASIIChild and Adolescent Service Intensity Instrument
CASSPChild and Adolescent Services System Program
CBC.O.B.R.A. Medical Assistance / Benefits
CBPCounty-based purchasing
CBSCommunity Based Services
CBTCognitive Behavior Therapy
CCContinuing Care or Communications Center
CCDOCoordinated Care Delivery Organization
CCDSCoordinated Care Delivery System
CCMCommunity-based Care Manager or County to County Move
CCMHAComprehensive Children's Mental Health Act
CCOCoordinated Care Organization
CCSAChildren and Community Services Act
CCTSClient Contact Tracking System
CDChemical Dependency
CD/MHChemical Dependency/Mental Health
CDACommunity Development Agency
CDC(U.S.) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
CDCCenters for Disease Control and Prevention
CDRContinuing Disability Review
CEContinuing Education
CENDCommunity Education Network on Disabilities
CEUContinuing Education Units
CFRCode of Federal Regulations
CFTChild & Family Team
CHChemical Health
CHADDChildren and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder
CHEPCuban Haitian Entrant Program
CHILDSChildren's Information Library Data Source
CHIPChildren's Health Insurance Program (See also: SCHIP)
CHIPRAChildren's Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act
CHIPSChild in Need of Protection or Services
CHRCommunity Health Representative (See also: Community Health Worker)
CHSContract Health Services
CHWCommunity Health Worker
CIB / CDIBCertificate of (Degree of) Indian Blood
CIOClinically Integrated Organization
CISClient Information System
CISNCommunity Integrated Service Network
CLASCulturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services
CMCase Manager
CMACase Management Associate
CMDP(AHCCCS) Comprehensive Medical and Dental Program
CMHAComprehensive Mental Health Act
CMHCCommunity Mental Health Center
CMHSCommunity Mental Health Services or Center for Mental Health Services (federal - SAMHSA)
CMRRTComprehensive Medical Record Review Tool
CMS(U.S.) Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
CMVCurrent Market Value
CNS-MHCertified Nurse Specialist-Mental Health
COCentral Office
COBACoordination of Benefits Agreement
COBRAConsolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 [Federal Public Law 99-272.]
COCCertificate of Coverage
COECourt Ordered Evaluation
COFRCounty of Financial Responsibility
COLACost of Living Adjustment
COMCARECommunity Partnership for Behavioral Health Care
COTCourt Ordered Treatment
CPCACommittee for Prevention of Child Abuse
CPSChild Protective Services (Now called the Department of Child Safety. See also: DCS)
CPSACommunity Partnership of Southern Arizona
CRCCrisis Response Center
CRITColorado River Indian Tribes
CRSChildren's Rehabilitative Services
CRSCrisis Response Services
CRSAChildren's Rehabilitative Services Administration
CSClinical Supervision
CSACCertified Substance Abuse Center
CSAPCenter for Substance Abuse Prevention
CSAPCenter for Substance Abuse Prevention
CSATCenter for Substance Abuse Treatment
CSHCNChildren with special health care needs
CSISCommunity Services Information System
CSMIACommunity Spouse Monthly Income Allowance
CSNClient States None
CSPMental Health Community Support Program services
CSPMPControlled Substance Prescription Monitoring Program
CSRACommunity Spouse Resource Assessment
CSRDCommunity Spouse Resource Deduction
CSSACommunity Social Services Act
CSVCash Surrender Value
CTSSChildren’s Therapeutic Services and Supports
CW-TCMChild Welfare -Targeted Case Management
CYCalendar Year
DADiagnostic Assessment
DAANESDrug and Alcohol Abuse Normative Evaluation System
DACDisabled Adult/Children
DBFAHCCCS Division of Business and Finance
DBHS(AHDS) Division of Behavioral Health Services (See also: ADHS/DBHS)
DBME(DES) Division of Benefits and Medical Eligibility
DBTDialectic Behavioral Therapy
DCS(AZ) Department of Child Safety
DCSE(DES) Division of Child Support Enforcement
DCWDirect Care Worker
DDDevelopmentally Disabled, or Developmental Disabilities, or Developmental Disability
DD/RCDevelopmental Disability or a Related Condition
DDD(DES) Division of Developmental Disabilities
DDSDisability Determination Services
DDSA(DES) Disability Determination Services Administration
DEA(U.S) Drug Enforcement Administration
DES(AZ) Department of Economic Security
DESDepartment of Economic Security
DFSM(AHCCCS) Division of Fee-for-Service Management
DHCM(AHCCCS) Division of Health Care Management
DHHS(U.S.) Department of Health and Human Services
DHHSUnited States Department of Health and Human Services
DHHSDDeaf and Hard of Hearing Services Division
DHS(AZ) Department of Health Services (See also: ADHS)
DIBDisability Insurance Benefits
DIDDissociative Identity Disorder
DJTDepartment of Jobs and Training
DLCDisability Law Center
DMEDurable Medical Equipment
DMS(AHCCCS) Division of Member Services
DNBDeemed Newborn
DOPhysician Osteopath
DOA(AZ) Department of Administration
DOBDate of Birth
DOCDepartment of Corrections, also Difficulty of Care
DOE(AZ) Department of Education
DOSDate of Service - The date on which health care services were provided to the covered person.
DPAData Practices Act
DPS(AZ) Department of Public Safety
DRADeficit Reduction Act of 2005
DRGDiagnostic Related Group
DSDDisability Services Division
DSM-IVDiagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition-Revised
DSM-IV TRDiagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
DSRIPDelivery System Reform Incentive Payments
DTDay Treatment
DTODanger to Others
DTSDanger to Self
DVRDivision of Vocational Rehabilitation
DWWDisabled Widow/Widower
EAEmergency Assistance
EAPEnergy Assistance Programs
EAPEmployee Assistance Program
EBDEmotional and Behavioral Disorders
EBPEvidence-Based Practices
EBTElectronic Benefit Transfer
ECAPEnergy Crisis Assistance Program
ECFEEarly Childhood Family Education
ECTElectroconvulsive therapy
ECTElectric Convulsive Treatment (Electric Shock Treatment)
EDEmotional Disorder, or Emergency Department, or Elderly/Disabled, or Emotional Disturbance
EDDExpected Date of Delivery
EDIElectronic Data Interchange
EEIExpenses Exceed Income
EFTElectronic File Transfer, OR Electronic Funds Transfer
EGAEmergency General Assistance (also known as GA-EA)
E-GAMCEmergency General Assistance Medical Care
EHNACElectronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission
EHRElectronic Health Record
EISEligibility Information System
EITCEarned Income Tax Credit
E-MAEmergency Medical Assistance
EMPOWEREmploying and Moving People Off Welfare and Encouraging Responsibility
EMRElectronic Medical Record
EOExecutive Order
EOBExplanation of Benefits
EOMEnd of Month
EOMBExecutive Office of Management and Budget
EPEExtended Period of Eligibility
EPHIElectronic Protected Health Information
ePIPElectronic Provider Incentive Payment Application
EPSDTEarly Periodic Screening and Diagnostic Testing
EQROExternal Quality Review Organizations
EREmergency Room
ERAElectronic Remittance Advice
ERIREligibility Review, Investigation & Recovery
ESEmployment Services
ESIEmployer Sponsored Insurance
ESLEnglish as a Second Language
ESRDEnd Stage Renal Disease
EUDEligibility/Enrollment Update Document
EWEligibility Worker
EYOEnd of Year
FAA(DES) Family Assistance Administration
FASFetal Alcohol Syndrome
FBRFederal Benefit Rate
FCFoster Care
FDA(U.S.) Food and Drug Administration
FDIHFort Defiance Indian Hospital
FEHBAFederal Employees Health Benefit Act of 1959
FESPFederal Emergency Services Program
FFCMHFederation of Families for Children’s Mental Health
FHFair Hearing
FICFamily Involvement Center
FMVFair Market Value
FNSFood and Nutrition Service
FOLDFAA On-Line Documents
FPGFederal Poverty Guidelines
FPLFederal Poverty Limit
FPSFamily Planning Services
FQHCFederally Qualified Health Center
FSFood Stamps (Now called the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program or SNAP)
FSCFamily Services Collaborative
FTEFull Time Equivalent
FTPFile Transport Protocol
FTWFreedom to Work
FYFiscal Year
GAGamblers Anonymous, OR General Assistance
GAFGlobal Assessment of Functioning
GAOGeneral Accounting Office
GDGravely disabled
GDDP(AZ) Governor’s Division of Drug Policy
GEDGeneral Equivalency Diploma
GEPGeneral Enrollment Period
GIMCGallup Indian Medical Center
GIRPSGoal and objective, Intervention, Response, Plan, and Significant observations
GMHGeneral Mental Health
GMH/SAGeneral Mental Health and Substance Abuse
GRHGroup Residential Housing
GRHCCGila River Health Care Corporation (doing business as Hu Hu Kam Hospital)
GSAGeographic Service Area
GSLGuaranteed Student Loan
GUIDEGeneral Unemployment Insurance Development Effort
HCHealth Coach
HCBSHome and Community Based Services
HCBWHome and Community Based Medicaid Waivers
HCEHealth Care Excel Quality Quest, Inc.
HCFAHealth Care Financing Administration
HCICHealth Choice Integrated Care
HEAplusHealth-e-Arizona Plus
HERElectronic Health Record / Electronic Medical Record
HHAHome Health Aide
HHCCHopi Health Care Center
HHS(U.S.) Department of Health and Human Services
HIHospital Insurance
HICHealth Insurance Claim Number
HIEHealth Information Exchange
HIFAHealth Insurance Flexibility and Accountability Act
HIPAAHealth Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
HITHealth Information Technology
HIV/AIDSHuman Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
HMISHomeless Management Information System
HMOHealth Maintenance Organization
HMSHealth Management Systems
HOH/HHHard of Hearing
HPHealth Plan
HPEHospital Presumptive Eligibility
HQSHousing Quality Standards
HRHuman Resources
HRAHousing Redevelopment Authority
HRSAHealth Resources and Services Administration
HSHuman Services
HSAGHealth Services Advisory Group, Inc.
HSSHousing Support Specialists
HUDU.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
HUDHousing and Urban Development
I&RInformation and Referral
IAPRSInternational Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services
ICIndustrial Commission
ICDInternational Classification of Diseases
ICMIntensive Case Management
ICPCInterstate Compact on Placement of Children
ICRSIntensive Community Rehabilitation Service
ICSPIndividual Community Support Plan
ICUIntensive Care Unit
IDDTIntegrated Dual Diagnosis Treatment
IDEAIndividuals with Disabilities Education Act (1990)
IDTInterdisciplinary Team
IEICInteragency Early Intervention Committee
IEPIndividual Educational Plan, OR Initial Enrollment Period
IEPIndividual Education Plan
IFBInvitation for Bid
IGAIntergovernmental Agreement
IHCIAIndian Health Care Improvement Act of 1976
IHS(U.S.) Indian Health Service
ILSIndependent Living Service
IMDInstitution for Mental Disease
IMRIllness Management and Recovery – an evidence-based mental health practice
IMUIncome Maintenance Unit workers
INSImmigration and Naturalization Service
IOPIntensive Outpatient Program
IPSIndividual Placement and Supports
IPVIntentional Program Violation
IRBInstitutional Review Board
IRSInternal Revenue Service
IRSDIRetirement, Survivors and Disability Insurance
IRTSIntensive Residential Treatment Services
IRWEImpairment Related Work Expense
ISInformation System
ISAInteragency Service Agreement
ISAInterstate Agreement
ISDInformation Services Division
ISMIn-kind Support and Maintenance
ISPIndividual Service Plan
ISPIndividual Service Plan
ITInformation Technology
ITCAInter Tribal Council of Arizona, Inc.
ITDPInpatient Treatment & Discharge Plan
ITPIndividual Treatment Plan
ITU or I/T/UIHS / Tribal / Urban health facilities
IV-ATemporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) Title of the Social Security Act
IV-DRefers to programs under Title IV-D of the Social Security Act (example: Child/medical Support and Establishment of Paternity)
IV-ERefers to programs under Title IV-E of the Social Security Act (example: Foster Care and Adoption Subsidy)
IVRInteractive Voice Response
JCAHOJoint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
JOBSJob Opportunities and Basic Skills Program
JPBJoint Powers Board
JPOJuvenile Probation Offices / Officer
JTPAJob Training Partnership Act
KCNKidsCare Case Number
KIDKidsCare Individual Number
LACLocal Advisory Council – county mental health advisory council
LCCLocal Coordinating Council
LCPLicensed Clinical Psychologist
LCTSLocal collaborative time study
LDLearning Disorder
LEPLimited English Proficiency
LFCLa Frontera Center
LGBTQLesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender, Questioning (or Queer)
LIC-FACLicensed Facility
LICSWLicensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
LIEAPLow Income Energy Assistance Program
LMFTLicensed Marriage and Family Therapist
LMHALocal Mental Health Authority
LOCLevel of Care
LOCUSLevel of Care Utilization System
LOSLength of Stay
LPLicensed Psychologist
LPGLegal Permanent Guardian
LPNLicensed Practical Nurse
LPRLawful Permanent Resident
LSWLicensed Social Worker
LTCLong Term Care
LTCCLong Term Care Consultation
M/CMedicare Claim Number
MAMedical Assistance - also known as Medicaid, AHCCCS, or Title XIX of the Social Security Act
MAC TeamMobile Acute Crisis Team
MA-EDMedical Assistance - Elderly Disabled
MA-EPDMedical Assistance for Employed Persons with Disabilities
MA-FCMedical Assistance for Families and Children.
MAGIModified Adjusted Gross Income
MAOMedical Assistance Only
MA-SPMedical Assistance Specialty Programs
MCManaged Care
MCOManaged Care Organization / Operation
MCRMember Change Report
MCR ApplicationMember Change Request Application
MCTMobile Crisis Team
MDMedical Doctor/Physician
MDMedical Doctor
MDMAMember Database Management Administration
MEDICSMedical Eligibility Determination and Information Control System
MHMental Health
MHAMental Health America
MHBAMental Health Behavioral Aide
MHCPMental Health Program Consultant
MHIMental Health Initiatives
MHLPMental Health Law Project
MHPMental Health Professional
MIMental Illness
MI/CDMental Illness/Chemical Dependency
MI/MNMedically Indigent/Medically Needy
MIHSMaricopa Integrated Health Services
MIKIDMentally Ill Kids In Distress
MLRMedical Loss Ratio
MMAMedicare Prescription Drug Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003
MMICMercy Maricopa Integrated Care
MMISMedicaid Management Information System
MMMNAMinimum Monthly Maintenance Needs Allowance
MOAMemorandum of Agreement
MOEMaintenance of Effort
MOMAMaltreatment of Minors Act
MOUMemorandum of Understanding
MROMedicaid Rehabilitation Option
MSPMedicare Savings Program
MSRMember Services Representative
MSUMember Services Unit
MUAMedically Underserved Areas
MUPMedically Underserved Populations
N/ANot Applicable
NANative American, OR Nutrition Assistance, OR Narcotics Anonymous
NACNative American Connections
NACANative Americans for Community Action, Inc.
NACBHDNational Association of County Behavioral Health Directors
NACHCINative American Community Health Center, Inc. (Doing business as Native Health)
NAIHSNavajo Area Indian Health Service
NAMHPACNational Association of Mental Health Planning and Advisory Councils
NAMINational Alliance on Mental Illness
NAMISANational Alliance on Mental Illness Southern Arizona
NAONavajo Area IHS Office
NARBHANorthern Arizona Regional Behavior Health Authority
NARPANational Association for Rights and Advocacy
NASMHPDNational Association of State Mental Health Program Directors
NASUANational Association for State Units on Aging
NCADINational Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information
NCCINational Correct Coding Initiative
NCHICANorth Carolina Healthcare Information and Communications Alliance
NCMHCNational Community Mental Healthcare Council
NCPDPNational Council for Prescription Drugs Programs
NCQANational Committee for Quality Assurance
NCRNo Carbon Required
NCUIHNational Council of Urban Indian Health
NCVHSNational Committee on Vital and Health Statistics
NEMTNon-Emergency Medical Transportation
NEWNative Employment Works
NFNursing Facility
NHINNational Health Information Network
NIAAANational Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
NICOANational Indian Council on Aging
NIDANational Institute on Drug Abuse
NIHNational Institutes of Health
NIHBNational Indian Health Board
NIMHNational Institute of Mental Health
NOANotice of Action
NOAANotice of Adverse Action
NOHNotice of Hearing
NOMNational Outcome Measure – national mental health goals
Non-Title XIX / NTXIX / NT19Not eligible for benefits as described in Title XIX of the SSA
NPNurse Practitioner
NPFNon Profit
NPINational Provider Identification
NPPESNational Plan and Provider Enumeration System
NUBCNational Uniform Billing Committee
OAOvereaters Anonymous
OAH(DHS) Office of Administrative Hearings
OALS(DHS) Office of Administrative Legal Services
OASDIOld Age Survivor Disability Income
OBHL(DHS) Office of Behavioral Health Licensure
OCDObsessive Compulsive Disorder
OCEOutpatient Claim Editor
OCROptical Character Recognition
OEPOpen Enrollment Period
OGA(DHS) Office of Grievance and Appeals
OIG(DHS) Office of Inspector General
OJTOn the Job Training
OLS(DHS) Office of Legal Support
OMB(U.S.) Office of Management and Budget
OMH(U.S.) Office of Minority Health
OODOffice of the Director
OPE(DHS) Office of Program Evaluation
OPFSOutpatient Hospital Fee Schedule
OPPSOutpatient Prospective Payment System
OSAOffice of State Auditor
OSI(DHS) Office of Special Investigations
OTOccupational Therapy
OTCOver The Counter
P&AProtection and Advocacy
P4PPay for Performance
PAPrior Authorization, OR Physician's Assistant
PACEProgram of All-inclusive Care of the Elderly
PACeHRPurchasing & Assistance Collaborative for Electronic Health Records
PACERParent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights
PACTParents and Children Together
PADPersistently or Acutely Disabled
PADSPsychiatric Advance Directives
PAIHSPhoenix Area Indian Health Service
PAOPhoenix Area IHS Office
PASPre-Admission Screening
PASPreadmission Screening
PASRRPreadmission Screening Resident Review
PASSPlan to achieve self-support
PATProvider Affiliation Transmission
PATHProjects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness
PBCPatient Benefits Coordinators
PBCPerformance Based Contracting
PBOPatient Business Office, OR Public Benefits Outreach (ITCA program)
PCProgram Contractor, OR Prescribing Clinician
PCAPersonal Care Assistant
PCADCPima County Adult Detention Center
PCCMPrimary Care Case Manager
PCCRProgram Contractor Change Request
PCHHPatient Centered Health Home
PCITParent-Child Interactive Therapy
PCJPima County Jail
PCJCCPima County Juvenile Court Center
PCMHPatient Centered Medical Home
PCNPrimary Care Network
PCPPrimary Care Physician / Provider
PCPPrimary Care Physician
PDProvisional Discharge
PDDPervasive Developmental Disability
PDNPrivate Duty Nursing
PDPPrescription Drug Program
PERMPayment Error Rate Measurement
PFLAGParents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (support group)
PGAMCPrepaid General Assistance Medical Care
PHFPsychiatric Health Facility
PHIProtected Health Information
PHNPublic Health Nurse
PHPPartial Hospitalization Program
PHSPublic Health Service
PIPrimary Informant
PI InstitutePractice Innovation Institute
PICPhoenix Indian Center, Inc.
PIMCPhoenix Indian Medical Center
PINPersonal Identification Number
PIPPractice Improvement Protocol
PIPPractice/Physician Incentive Program
PMAPPrepaid Medical Assistance Program
PMMISPre-paid Medical Management Information System
PMPMPer Member Per Month
PMQIPerformance Measurement & Quality Improvement
PMRPerson Months Receiving
PMVPresumed Maximum Value
PNAPersonal Needs Allowance
POMSProgram Operations Manual System
PPACAPatient Protection and Affordable Care Act
PPCPrior Period Coverage
PPDPsychopathic Personality Disorder
PPEPPortable Practical Educational Preparation
PPOPreferred Provider Organization
PPPPima Prevention Partnership
PPSPre-petition Screening
PRCPsychiatric Recovery Center
PRSPsychosocial Rehabilitation Service
PRUProvider Registration Unit
PSAProgram Support Administration
PSEPublic Service Employment
PsyDDoctor of Psychology
PTPhysical Therapy
PTEPathways to Employment
PTSDPost Traumatic Stress Disorder
QAQuality Assurance
QCAQuality Control Assurance
QI(AHCCCS) Qualified Individual, OR Quality Improvement
QI-1(AHCCCS) Qualified Individual-1
QI-2(AHCCCS) Qualified Individual-2
QMQuality Management
QM/UMQuality Management/Utilization Management
QMBQualified Medicare Beneficiary
QTSQDWI Tracking System
RAUResearch and Analysis Unit
RBHARegional Behavioral Health Authority
RCRIBICOFF Children Medical Assistance Category
RCARefugee Cash Assistance
RESRefugee Employment Services
RFHRequest for Hearing
RFIRequest for Information
RFPRequest for Proposal
RFQRequest for a Quote
RNRegistered Nurse
RPMSResource and Patient Management System
RRRailroad Retirement
RRBRailroad Retirement Benefits
RRPRefugee Resettlement Program
RSARehabilitation Services Administration (within ADES)
RSDIRetirement Survivor’s Disability Insurance
RSDIRetirement, Survivors, Disability Insurance - Social Security entitlement under Title II of the Social Security Act.
RSSRefugee Social Services
RSSRecovery Support Specialist
RSVPRetirement Survivors Disability Insurance
RTCResidential Treatment Center or Regional Treatment Center
SASubstance Abuse
SABGSubstance Abuse Block Grant
SACState Advisory Council (on Mental Health)
SAILSenior Adult Independent Living
SAMHSA(U.S.) Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
SAPTSubstance Abuse Prevention and Treatment
SAVESystematic Alien Verification for Entitlements
SBIRTScreening/Brief Intervention/Referral for Treatment
SBUSSI Budget Unit
SCS.O.B.R.A. Child Medical Assistance Category
SCHASouth Country Health Alliance
SCHIPState Children's Health Insurance Program. In AZ, this program is known as KidsCare. See also: KC, CHIP.
SCOREService Core Of Retired Executive
SDQStrengths and Difficulties Questionnaire
SESupported Employment
SEDSeriously Emotionally Disturbed
SEHSeriously Emotionally Handicapped
SEOPSupplementary Education Opportunity Grants
SEPSpecial Enrollment Period
SEPSupported Employment Program
SESSocio-economic status
SESPState Emergency Services Program
SGSubstantial Gainful Employment
SGASubstantial Gainful Activity
SHSupportive housing
SHAREService to Help Arizonan's with Relief on Energy
SHIPState Health Insurance Assistance Program
SICSimpatico Integrated Care
SIRSSurveillance & Integrity Review Section
SLMBSpecified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary
SLRSupported Living Residence
SMHACState Mental Health Advisory Council
SMISerious Mental Illness / Seriously Mentally Ill
SMISupplemental Medical Insurance. Part B of the Medicare program.
SMIBSupplementary Medical Insurance Benefit
SMRTState Medical Review Team
SNAPSupplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps)
SNAPPStrengths, Needs, Abilities, Preferences, Perception of Illness and Risk
SNBCSpecial Needs Basic Care Assistance
SNFSkilled Nursing Facility
SNFSkilled Nursing Facility
SNIPStrategic National Implementation Process
SNVSkilled Nursing Visit
SOARSSI/SSDI Outreach Access and Recovery
SOBRASixth Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
SOCShare of Cost
SOLQIState On-Line Query Internet
SOSState Operated Services
SPAState Plan Amendment
SPMISerious and Persistent Mental Illness
SPRTCSt. Peter Regional Treatment Center
SROSingle Room Occupancy
SS-5Application for a Social Security Number
SSASocial Security Act, OR U.S. Social Security Administration
SSDSocial Security Disability
SSDISocial Security Disability Insurance
SSISupplemental Security Income
SSI MAOSupplemental Security Income Medical Assistance Only
SSIGState Student Incentive Grants
SSNSocial Security Number
SSRSocial Security Retirement
SSTSSocial Services Time Study
STSpeech Therapist
STDSexually Transmitted Disease
STTSpecial Treatment Trusts
SUService Unit
SUAStandard Utility Allowance
SVESState Verification and Exchange System
SWSocial Worker
SYSMSystem Mail
T/RBHA or tRBHATribal RBHA (See also: RBHA)
T1(AHCCCS) First Extension (Transitional Medical Assistance)
T2(AHCCCS) Second Extension (Transitional Medical Assistance)
T3(AHCCCS) Third Extension (Transitional Medical Assistance)
T4(AHCCCS) Fourth Extension (Transitional Medical Assistance)
TACIPTelephone Access for Communicating with Hearing Impaired Persons
TAIHSTucson Area Indian Health Service
TANFTemporary Assistance for Needy Families
TAOTucson Area IHS Office
TAPPTribal Assistance to Needy Families, refers to CA (Cash Assistance)
TBITraumatic Brain Injury
TCTuberculosis Control
TCMTargeted Case Management
TCRHCCTuba City Regional Health Care Corporation
TCSTransactions and Code Sets
TCWCTucson Center for Women and Children
TDTardive Dyskinesia
TDDTelephone Device for the Deaf
TEFRATax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1962 - Federal Public Law 97-248.
TF-CBTTrauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
TICTucson Indian Center, Inc. or Technical Interface Guidelines
TITLE XIX / TXIX / T19The section of the Social Security Act which requires Medicaid to cover eligible persons, (i.e., medically indigent).
TITLE XVI / TVI / T6The section of the Social Security Act that provides eligibility requirements for the SSI Cash program.
TITLE XVIII / TXVIII / T18The section of Social Security Act that requires Medicare to provide coverage for eligible persons (i.e., aged, blind and disabled).
TITLE XX / TXX / T10The section of the Social Security Act that requires the establishment of a comprehensive plan and the coordination of social services through community involvement.
TITLE XXI / TXXI / T21The section of the Social Security Act that authorizes the SCHIP program (known as KidsCare) in Arizona
TMATransitional Medical Assistance
TOPSTechnical Operations Production Support
TPDTucson Police Department
TPEPTwo Parent Employment Program
TPLThird-Party Liability
TRETraining Related Expenses
TRLTribal Relations Liaison
TSFCTherapeutic Support for Foster Care - a rehabilitation program.
TTAG(CMS) Tribal Technical Advisory Group
TWEPTribal Work Experience Program
TWPTrial Work Period
UBUniform Billing
UCRUsual, Customary and Reasonable
UIUnemployment Insurance
UIHPUrban Indian Health Program
UMUtilization Management
UPUnemployed Parents
UPCUrgent Psychiatric Center
URUtilization Review
USCUnited States Code
USCISUnited States Citizenship and Immigration Services
UTMAUniversal Transfers to Minors Act
VAU.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
VAVeterans Administration or Vulnerable Adult
VAAVulnerable Adult Act
VBPValue Based Purchasing
VDVentilator Dependent
VFCAVoluntary Foster Care Agreement
VISTAVolunteers In Service To America
VRVocational Rehabilitation
VTRValue of the One-Third Reduction
WIAWorkforce Investment Act
WICWomen Infants and Children (nutritional program)
WIHCCWinslow Indian Health Care Center
WISWelfare Information System
WRAPWellness Recovery Action Plan
WSWaivered Services
YTDYear to Date
ABAApplied Behavior Analysis
ADSAutism Spectrum Disorder
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