Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you endorse and recommend the resources on this site?

A.  Inclusion in this website should in no way be construed to constitute an endorsement of a practitioner, an agency, organization, or its service, nor should exclusion be construed to constitute disapproval. It is up to a person using these resources to determine if they offer something needed and whether or not they are appropriate for a particular situation.

Q.  Why did you develop this site?

A.  We believe in our Mission Statement: To provide Peers, Caregivers and Providers a resource database to assist in their journey through the Arizona mental health system. Our aspiration is to develop a strong mental health community where anyone who needs mental health services can find them easily and also provide an honest review of the resources used.

Q.  Why do you allow people to leave reviews and comments about a resource?

A.  We hope to create an open dialog about resources and services they provide. We feel that the Peer and Caregiver Communities deserves to have their voices heard.

Q.  When we leave feedback on a resource what do you do with that?

A.  If the resource has claimed their listing, they will get an email with your comment. Then they will have a chance to respond. If you wish to remain anonymous please do not use your email address as your user name.

Q.  Who is responsible for this site?

A.  NAMI Yavapai developed this site and maintains it.

Q.  Who decides which resources will be on this site?

A.  The Review Committee reviews each resource submitted to this site.

Q.  Will you ever remove a resource?

A.  We will remove a resource if it is determined they are not a benefit to the Arizona Mental Health Community or if they are no longer providing services.

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