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How Can He Heal When He Is Living Under Tarps?

Since April my son has been under court order treatment but the problem is he is still very unstable. Copa Health keeps telling him they are try to find him housing but it’s not happening and his condition is declining rapidly. They had him come in and sign hotel vouchers then turned around and told him the funding ran out. I don’t know where else to turn for him he was so handsome. Since he has been in the street he has been stabbed in the ear and almost raped. He asked me why is this happening to him I just don’t have the answers. I have filed grievances. We thought he would get help. Again, the help was aborted. Please is there a direction he can get the proper help and housing?  How can he heal with court order treatment when he is living behind Home Depot under tarps?

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3 months ago

I agree I have a 29 year old stepson that is living in a tent near Mcdonalds, He talks to himself all the time and I want to get him the mental help he needs but don’t know where to go in Cochise County for this type of treatment and evaluation. I don’t know if he is schizophrenic or another mental disorder. He can seem really lucid at times but then he will laugh or have socially inappropriate responses.