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Non-Title 19 SMI Rights

Non-Title XIX (19) are individuals without AHCCCS which is Arizona’s Medicaid program.

Adults with a Serious Mental Illness (SMI) designation, and children designated with a Serious Emotional  Disturbance (SED), are eligible to receive a number of medically necessary mental health and/or substance use services, even if they are not eligible for AHCCCS.

Additional services include: residential treatment, medication, counseling, case management, supportive housing, traditional healing, crisis services and, supportive services. 

View the OIFA AHCCCS “One-Pager“.

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Maria Esposito
4 months ago

Utilizing the expertise of the Center for Disability Law is the best option for direction on any issues with benefits. Also, engaging the assistance of an Ombudsman is a good advocate to have.